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ADDRESS:    P.o. Box 32 Kasoa, C/R - Ghana.

LOCATION:  Kasoa Off Winebea Road Opposite  Justab Clinic

MOBILE:      +233 (0) 244 638 059 +233 (0) 261 431 781

EMAIL:         maranathaprepschool@yahoo.com

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Maranatha prep school  has a vibrant, highly motivated and friendly atmosphere. We are  proud  to be one of the best schools in this area, providing our students not only with  a good  education but helping them to become kind, disciplined and well-rounded students with a bright future.


Our  aim  is to provide all of our students with a rich, all round education enabling all of them to live successful and fulfilling  lives  which allows them to contribute positively to their own family and community.


On  this  website  we hope to provide you with all the information you may need about our  school.   Here,  information  can  be  found for  prospective  students,   teachers, volunteers  and  any  community members interested in our activities. However, if you have any further queries please  do not hesitate to contact us!


Please  come  and  see  for yourselves what makes this school so special and we will be very happy to welcome you.